Penny Duncklee

The Pocket Watch


While looking for the pocket watch once owned by Tyrone Running Bear's murdered father, Territory.  They meet various interesting characters, and often find themselves in exciting situations that beg solutions.  These experiences bring Nell and Running Bear together in what some consider an unlikely love.  Being half Ojibwa and a Harvard man, Tyrone Running bear's behavior is often exasperating to Nell, a ranch girl from outside Tucson.  The reader will be eager to turn the pages to discover what will happen next as character after character enters the story.

There is an authenticity in John Duncklee's voice that you don't find in other writers of the American West today.  His characters are as lively as a wild mustang stallion, and as unpredictable as the weather.  If you love a good story, treat yourself to John Duncklee.
-Johnny D. Boggs

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Penny Duncklee