Penny Duncklee



What REALLY Happened to BILLY-THE-KID is western satire at its finest.

Sure, we've all heard that Sheriff Pat Garrett was Billy the Kid's friend. BUT, maybe there were a few more details that never quite made it into the headlines. Like how instead of "gunnin' down" the Kid, as most histories of the West recount, Garrett aided and abetted Billy in other more noble pursuits...

Pull your cinch tight, as author John Duncklee takes you on a wildly imaginative ride from New Mexico and the frontier west to Vermont and back again, with stops at Dartmouth College, Harvard University, and Yale, where Billy becomes Doctor P. Henry McCarty, Professor of English Literature. Who knows, this rollicking, tongue-in-cheek account of the life of Billy-the-Kid just could a been...

"Duncklee is the equal of the best storytellers about the Old West."
-Preston Lewis, Author of Mix-Up at the O.K. Corral

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Penny Duncklee