Penny Duncklee

Coyotes I Have Known


Novice rancher John Duncklee saw his share of buzzards during the 1950's while husbanding a herd of cattle through Arizona's worst drought in 400 years, and he told the story of those days in the captivating book Good Years for the Buzzards.

Duncklee spent the next few years buying Mexican steers in Sonora, farming in the Santa Cruz Valley, and raising quarter horses on a small ranch near Nogales, Arizona. During that time he found that he had to cope with a different kind of creature: coyotes - people who weren't necessarily con artists but people who were sly and cunning like their canine counterparts and who needed to be dealt with accordingly. Human coyotes, Duncklee learned, can be great company, but transacting business with them can be risky.

Coyotes I Have Known recalls life along the border in that time that, while fairly recent, has already vanished. Fortunately for today's readers, Dunklee has captured both the romance and the grittiness of western life as experienced not long ago.

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Penny Duncklee