Penny Duncklee

Adventures of Burton and Bernice


A Buzzard's View - This intro to The Adventures of Burton and Bernice has the buzzards sharing child-rearing woes, memories of their first meeting, and a run-in with a drug cartel.

Crashing the Superbowl - Burton and his beloved mate, Bernice, discover that there will be a major event taking place that they don't dare miss.  Find out how exciting football can be when Turkey Vultures crash the Superbowl.

Summer in Manhattan - Bernice finds a copy of the New York Times, featuring news of the Waste Engineer Strike in Manhattan.  Their flock rides the Jet Stream east to feast on streets full of garbage.  What could possibly go wrong?

Hello Cyberspace - A bountiful Spring means slim pickings for the flock.  Burton and Bernice, with their sons, Manny and Maurice, head west to the pumpkin fields of California.  Learn about their run-in with a cell phone and an infamous sheriff.

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Penny Duncklee